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Welcome to the MAK Support Portal!

You've come to the right place. MAK’s customer support sets us apart from the competition. We recognize that expert technical support is vital to your success — that’s why we cultivate the “engineer down the hall” style relationship with our maintenance customers.

This support portal gives you greater access to the support team and to information and tools to help you deliver your projects. We hope the resources provided on this site will help you along the way but don't hesitate to contact us for a personal touch.

  • MAK Assist. Learn how MAK is here to support you.
    • User Support. We provide world-renowned support for MAK ONE products with access to the software engineers who develop the software.
    • User Training. We offer both online and on-site training courses to help you get the most out of MAK products.
    • User Consulting. We help you discover the right approach to addressing your simulation challenges.
    • Services. We can take one or more of your project requirements and deliver a solution that meets an agreed-upon specification.
  • Get Support. Here's our support contact information.
  • License Support. You'll find information on the License Manager here.
  • Get Licenses (sign-in required). This is a form to request license keys for your MAK ONE products.
  • Tutorials. Enjoy this video series to work through the VR-Forces first experience.
  • Supported Platforms. This page lists the operating systems and compilers that MAK ONE products run on.
  • Build Compatibility. This table cross-references recent VR-Link builds against other MAK ONE product builds.
  • Migration Support. In case you need help when migrating applications built on earlier versions of VR-Forces or VR-Vantage.
  • Hardware Recommendations. Here are our recommendations for hardware to run MAK ONE products.
  • Product User Guides. Just like it says :-)
  • Online API Documentation. Class-level documentation application programmer interfaces (APIs).
  • Product Versions (sign-in required). Here is a list of the MAK COTS products, including the dates of each release with all the technical data to go along with it.
  • Bonus Materials (sign-in required). Bonus!
  • My Support Requests (sign-in required). Access for customers to submit and manage support issues (tickets).