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(This article was written for and posted originally on ST Engineering's AGIL Blog.) 

In conjunction with Virtual I/ITSEC 2020, ST Engineering is exhibiting in MAK’s Virtual Showroom and hosting live sharing sessions of our iconic simulation training solutions – the Air Distributed Mission Trainer, Integrated Ship Bridge Simulator, and Driver Training Simulation System for the air, sea, and land domains.

MAK Technologies, a subsidiary of ST Engineering, has developed MAK ONE, an open and modular product suite that can be used in two ways; together to form an integrated training environment, or independently to provide networking, simulation, visualisation, and terrain components that fit into any simulation system architecture.

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I'm excited to introduce the latest innovative technology our team has been developing: MAK Legion  a next-generation scalability and communication framework that can manage and deliver millions of entities in both local and cloud deployment environments.

As you know, MAK has been a trusted and leading provider of simulation interoperability products since our inception 30 years ago. But about two years ago, we asked ourselves an important question, inspired by the needs of the US Army Synthetic Training Environment program: "If we had the chance to re-design DIS or HLA today to meet tomorrow's most aggressive scalability requirements, and to better leverage modern technology such as multi-core machines, high-bandwidth networks, massively-multiplayer gaming paradigms, and cloud services  what would it look like?" Legion represents the answer to that question.

Legion's modern data-oriented implementation, client-server approach to mirroring of state, whole-earth geographic interest management, thread-safe API, simplified ownership transfer, reuse of SISO Enumerations and DIS/RPR data types, and powerful code-generation tools all contribute to Legion's ability to make large numbers of entities easy to manage from any engine or application.

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We can't wait to connect with you this I/ITSEC season. Whatever your goals for the week, the MAK team has you covered and we plan to be right by your side. Here's an easy flowchart to help you plan your week of vIITSEC...

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Usually, our tech tips are all about getting the most out of MAK products. For this tip, however, we’re focusing on Zoom meetings and Breakout Rooms so you can get the most out of our MAK Live Experiences during I/ITSEC.

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I/ITSEC is that time of year when we all expect to come together, talk shop, do business, learn about trends in technology, and catch up as a community. Although we can’t come together in person this year, the whole MAK team is still looking forward to connecting face-to-face with you and celebrating the I/ITSEC season together. Just like in years past, you’ll have access to more than 30 MAK people - technical experts, business development specialists, and the MAK leadership team – who can’t wait to reconnect.

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This article was originally written and posted for publication in ST Engineering’s Agil Blog

At the dawn of the new millennium, two of the biggest aircraft manufacturers were vying for a $200 billion contract to build America’s next-generation fighter jet – the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The Air Force demanded a fighter jet that would be faster and more maneuverable, while the Navy needed a version with longer wings to land on its aircraft carriers. But among the biggest challenges was to build a third variation which would be a world-first – one that could land vertically on shortened runways for the Marine Corps.

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We’re all entering into the 8th month of our new pandemic-reality. It’s tedious, it’s different, it’s changed how everyone does business — and who knows when the world will get back to normal. Dan Brockway, MAK’s VP of Marketing and my colleague, recently wrote a LinkedIn article about how, since the pandemic started, our shift to all-virtual everything has created a sense of “virtual event fatigue”. I get it, and I feel it, and... well, I agree with Dan that we can do better. But what does doing better *actually* look like? 

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Varjo makes human-eye resolution virtual and mixed reality devices that help companies in the most demanding industries push the limits of what’s ever been possible. Our vision is clear: We’re revolutionizing reality with hardware and software that let professionals seamlessly merge virtual, mixed and traditional realities.

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When we create a virtual world for modeling, simulation & training, does it matter if we use a “round-earth” coordinate system and 64-bit precision in our coordinates? Yes, but much more so in some circumstances than others. 

Let’s start with the basic concepts. We all know that the world is round, well round-ish, but most of the time we can’t see the effect. When you stand on a rise and look into the distance it’s the shape of the topology that dominates your view. You can’t really see the curvature of the earth. 

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Simulation and training exercises are often developed in distinct phases: planning, execution, and analysis. The goal of the Window Layouts feature in VR-Forces is to make it easy to create the phase-appropriate interfaces and then switch between the layouts as an exercise progresses. 

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We are excited to officially announce that MAK Technologies (MAK), a company of ST Engineering North America, is now a reseller for Varjo, the leader in industrial-grade virtual reality/extended reality (VR/XR) headsets. This collaboration will see Varjo head-mounted displays (HMDs) offered as an extension of MAK’s suite of products to its North American customers seeking the highest-fidelity training and simulation solutions. Download the full press release through our News site.

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Cloud architecture is becoming an increasingly viable and effective strategy for the Modeling and Simulation world. To help our customers get connected we’ve introduced our own on-premises cloud in Cambridge, called MAK ONE EASY. (To get a closer look at our cloud approach, check out the article from our September newsletter, “Head in the Clouds: Learnings from Deploying MAK ONE in the Cloud” by Dan Brockway.)

MAK ONE EASY can be used by up to nine customers at any time to access and evaluate MAK ONE products. It’s a simple process to set up, and you’ll have on-demand remote access to simulation tools from the comfort of your own home. 

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MAK is a global company, based in Cambridge, MA and Orlando, FL, and supported on five continents by a diverse worldwide team of partners. No matter where you are in the world, or what language you speak, you’re never far from someone connected to MAK.

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Q&A with Bill Cole, CEO and President of MAK Technologies

We sat down with Bill Cole, MAK’s President and CEO, to ask him a few questions as he nears his two-year anniversary with MAK. Read about his impact on MAK over the past two years, the evolution and direction of the industry and MAK’s corresponding trajectory, as well as a few thoughts on how MAK is handling the new world in the times of COVID. 

You’ve been CEO and President at MAK for two years now. What would you say your influence has been on MAK during this time?

The team was tremendously talented before I arrived, so I can’t take all the credit for the past two years of success! MAK already had all the right ingredients - great people making great products supporting great customers. The fact that we’ve been able to grow during a pandemic while keeping our customer-obsessed attitude is something that I am very proud of and think it speaks volumes of this team. 

My role has been to encourage and support the team as they reach for bigger and more challenging opportunities - we can never be afraid to grow the company. We should always be thinking of new and better ways to approach challenges and try for bigger opportunities, and I’m here to help pave the way for that.

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We are pros at helping folks link, simulate and visualize virtual worlds in networked synthetic environments. But learning to navigate this new virtual world during COVID has been a unique challenge. With our MAK team, customers, and partners working from home over the past six months, we've focused our energy on developing strategies to keep us all safe and connected, while continuing to help our customers achieve their simulation goals. Here's what we've been up to and what's ahead as we continue the shift to virtual.

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John Schlott has been in the simulation and training industry since 1992. He currently serves as MAK’s Vice President of Orlando Operations with overall responsibility for programs and business activities in our Orlando facility.

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Modeling, Simulation & Training systems have been interoperating in local and wide area networks long before there even was an ‘Internet’ - it's safe to say that we’re no strangers to complex information technology (IT) architectures. That said, the commercial world of IT has exploded over the years. We've already taken a deep dive into the pulse of modern IT in our MAK ONE Guide to Virtualization, and we've illustrated how MAK products are designed to play to the advantages of servers, virtualization, and public/private clouds. Today I'd like to share a few learnings from our cloud deployments on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and our private cloud to demonstrate the world of opportunities available with MAK ONE. Our heads are already in the cloud - join us!

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If you read MAK documentation in PDF form, you probably know it's easy to search within a manual -- just type Ctrl-F in most PDF readers and enter a search term. But what if you're not sure which book you need to look at? Here's a way to search across multiple PDFs. We'll use Adobe Acrobat Reader here, but other PDF readers have similar capabilities.
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When dynamic ocean is enabled, ships and other surface entities produce wakes and prop wash. You can adjust the wakes and the prop wash to make them look realistic by using the Entity Definition Editor and setting the Ship Wake definitions.

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Recording streaming video from VR-Vantage with the MAK Data Logger is quick and easy.  Here are some tips for getting the best video quality out of your recordings. 

  1. Resize the VR-Vantage Window

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