VR-Vantage Capabilities

VR-Vantage is the visual component of the MAK ONE architecture. Its rendering engine generates real-time full-motion video of the synthetic environment including the terrain, dynamic oceans, the weather and atmosphere, along with all the entities being simulated by any simulator on the distributed simulation network.

Learn all about VR-Vantage by clicking through the tabs below or download the VR-Vantage Capabilities document.

Key Features


  • CIGI
  • DIS
  • HLA


  • Multi-channel
  • Distortion correction

Simulated Environmental Effects

  • Dynamic weather: thunderstorms, rain, snow, clouds
  • Dynamic ocean: waves, surf, wakes, shallow water, and buoyancy (responds to dynamic weather)
  • Particle-based recirculation and downwash effects
  • Rotor wash
  • Particle-based weather systems
  • Procedural ground textures
  • Realistic and dense vegetation


  • VR-World Whole-Earth
  • CDB, OpenFlight, and many other formats
  • Dynamic terrain: damage on buildings and bridges
  • Terrain blending options

Simulated Models

  • Realistic lifeforms: animated 3D human characters and animals with cultural diversity
  • Extensive library of high-quality air, land, and maritime moving entity models
  • Dynamic structures: damage to buildings and bridges


  • Optical Sensor Models (EO/IR/NVG) included
  • Optical Sensor Physics (EO/IR/NVG) with SensorFX Plug-in

2D Overlays

  • Heads-up display (HUD) support

System / Performance

  • Open Architecture
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Software
  • Scalable/manageable performance
  • Supports AR / VR / MR

ST Engineering

ST Engineering