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Want to learn more about MAK, MAK products and the M&S industry?

We provide multiple avenues for learning, in all types of formats.

If you want to watch conversations about and demonstrations of MAK products, check out MAKtv. For product-specific videos, take a look at Link Videos, Simulate Videos, Visualize Videos, Terrain Videos, and Solution Videos.

MAKradio is an audio-essential podcast designed to share our enthusiasm and joy for modeling and simulation. We’ll engage in conversations with influencers, innovators and experts from within and without MAK, in the pursuit of the latest news, trends, and ideas in the M&S industry.

You can keep up on the latest happenings at MAK through our Social Media channels, as well as through our Blog.

You can find proof points and knowledge in our White Papers. For quick, print-friendly summaries of our products, check out our Brochures.

Bonus Materials provide ancillary software downloads for those looking for extras.