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VR Vantage 2.5 Fast Jet over MAK Earth procedural trees LR3

VT MAK Releases VR-Vantage 2.5 | See also VR-Forces 4.7

The MAK team is extremely happy to announce the release of VR-Vantage 2.5. This is a major feature release that introduces some significant improvements to VR-Vantage.

We have continued to focus heavily on performance – to maintain smooth scenes at high frame rates even as demands for greater scene complexity and richness increase.  We have also improved the overall visual experience of VR-Vantage make it easier to generate beautiful scenes, easier to configure, and easier to extend through our API. VR-Vantage 2.5 contains improvements such as:



  • A greatly improved caching scheme for streaming and CDB terrains, allowing for significantly faster reloads, and faster paging as the camera moves quickly across the terrainy.
  • Improved entity model preloading, to avoid any noticeable performance impact associated with adding new entities to the scene.


Human Characters:

  • DI Guy characters can enter and exit vehicles for realistic ISR visualization.
  • Added a new Near/Far Clipping Policy to prevent the near clip from going past objects or terrain in the scene when using view magnification.


  • Users can configure individual cloud layers, save them as named configurations, and use them to create more compelling scenes all from an easy to use GUI.
  • VR-Vantage now will listen to and display individual cloud layers from VR-Forces scenarios.


New CIGI controls and APIs:

  • More control of the VR-Vantage observer, greater control of LODs through CIGI and improvements to camera zoom/magnification.
  • You can now open and close terrains using view control messages.


Better Visuals:

  • Particle systems now support effects textures (normal maps, etc.), allowing smoke and flames to have a much more realistic appearance.
  • CameraFX now provides a more realistic view of terrain and entities when using notional IR or NVG modes. You can independently adjust the amount of ambient and diffuse light, as well as the relative intensity of DI-Guy characters and other entities compared with the background terrain.
  • Volumetric clouds look much better when they intersect with terrain – i.e. the edges of clouds on mountains and in valleys now have smooth realistic looking edges.


VR-Vantage is easier to use. We have improved the way you search for and configure new models. As always, a number of new high quality visual models have been added, and the MAK Earth California (online) terrain now contains a highly detailed model of Edwards Air Force Base.

This release of VR-Vantage uses a new data build. This data build is also compatible with VR-Forces 4.7.

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