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VT MAK Announces the Release of VR-Link 5.4

VT MAK is pleased to announce the release of VR-Link 5.4. Used for HLA and DIS Simulation Networking, VR-Link provides an easy way to network simulators and other virtual reality applications using industry standard protocols.

VR Link MainVersion 5.4 is a major feature release which adds several important new features. Some of the important changes include:

Improved Support for DIS 7 Extended Attributes

VR-Link has made a number of fixes related to the Extended Attribute support for the DIS 7 standard. MAK is fully committed to supporting the DIS 7 Standard; MAK products now use it as the default DIS configuration.

Code Generator support for C#

Customers using the C# language with VR-Link can now use the VR-Link Code Generator to produce bindings for their FOM extensions.

VR Link CCodeGenrator 2

Improved Java interface

The Java interface is now extendable and compatible with FOM Mappers. FOM Mappers are DLL plugins that allow customers to make minor encoding/decoding changes in their FOM without rewriting or even recompiling existing VR-Link based applications.

In addition many bugs were fixed throughout the product. For a more complete list of all resolved defects, or to obtain more information about any of these features, please see the release notes:

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To understand how our licenses work, or download the latest license server, please visit this page:

Customers under active maintenance with an up-to-date license key may start using this version immediately; a new key is not required. 

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