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VT MAK Releases VR-Forces 4.6 | See also VR-Vantage 2.3

To read the VR-Forces 4.6.1 Maintenance Release Announcement, click here.


VT MAK is pleased to announce the release of VR-Forces 4.6!

This latest evolution of VR-Forces contains improvements that will be tangible to virtually every VR-Forces customer. Whether you’re looking for custom outcomes for your missile simulations, modeling the electronic warfare battlespace, or engaging in low-light battle scenarios, there are new features that will improve your simulation accuracy. For those who use CDB databases, model close-up warfare, or want to make last-second changes to a scenario, this version of VR-Forces makes your job much easier.


Electronic Warfare:

  • Modeling the electronic battlespace is improved dramatically in VR-Forces 4.6, with particular attention given to radar systems and jammers. VR-Forces now publishes Electronic Emission data for all sensor contacts. Jammer Systems can be added to Entities, objects with Jammer Systems can publish Jamming information about beams in the Electronic Emissions network objects for maximum interoperability. Entities that are Jammed, will not detect the Jammer entity or any entity based on radar receiver configuration


  • Missile Hit Tables – Greatly improved consistency between simulated and analytically generated results in Anti-Air and Anti-Missile interactions. Scenario developers can now fill in missile hit tables to increase scenario realism by allowing statistically accurate missile hit rates on selected targets.


  • Deeper DI-Guy integration provides more characters and more AI behaviors.
  • The Full Range of DI-Guy Models is included in VR-Forces, including: Body Types (weight and height diversity), Hand Items, and Gestures.
  • The Full Catalog of DI-GUY Characters is now natively available in VR-Forces without the need for additional configuration.
  • Humans Can Parachute from aircraft. Individuals can jump and teams can have a drop task to deploy a plane load of paratroopers, each affected by realistic wind effects on their parachutes as they deploy.
  • Humans Can Take Cover – when operating in an area with path-data, humans can take advantage of cover points, known locations in the terrain which are protected from observation, and attack from other known locations. Cover points are automatically computed and inserted into the path data



29 Palms 2


  • Increased Terrain Support – Continuing MAK's breadth of terrain alternatives for correlated simulation.
  • VR-Forces now supports CDB terrain format without the need to preprocess the terrain.
  • VR-Forces can load Metaflight terrains which use a Lambert Projection.
  • VR-Forces entities can now simulate on the ground of a Procedural Terrain. This allows users to add rich vegetation and imagery splatting to their source data to produce beautiful worlds correlated across VR-Forces CGF, VR-Engage first person simulators, and VR-Vantage IGs


  • Dynamic Terrain Changes cause path data to be regenerated – this means if a wall is breached in a building, humans and other characters can navigate through the hole. An additional license is not required for run-time path data regeneration due to dynamic terrain changes



  • More Accurate Route Following – Aircraft movement along routes has been improved to better track with the altitude of the route. This allows for scenario designers to better specify aircraft altitude adjustments when creating routes.
  • Navigation Over Landforms – Aircraft automatically detect potential collisions with the terrain when following a route and make altitude adjustments to avoid collisions – saving the operator time in route planning
Auto Terrain Altitude Adjustment
  • Aircraft Pattern Hold Improvements –Aircraft can be given loiter tasks with leg length specified in time or distance.
  • Unrestricted Gimballed Sensor Movement –Gimbals allow a full range of motion, or can be limited to device specific constraints.

Scenario Creation:

  • Tightly Scripted Behavior – You can optionally turn off AI for a given entity in a Task or a Plan. By disabling AI, entities will follow your plan explicitly and not “think” for themselves. They will go where you direct them, not try to avoid objects or obstacles; they will shoot only when you tell them to, not respond to opposing fire; they will not use reactive tasks; and will not interact with their environment in an intelligent way. This is often useful when you want an entity to behave very predictably, and the scenario designer wants a very high degree of control over that behavior.
  • Simulation Objects (Typically Humans) use Gameware Navigation in their AI to move around areas that have Path Data. Users can now explicitly disable Gameware Navigation for a particular entity at a particular time, when they want to tightly script it's behavior



Every release of VR-Forces strives to be even easier to use. This release is no exception.

  • Easier to Upgrade - VR-Forces has automated much of the process of upgrading a Simulation Model Set (SMS). There is a user friendly Wizard in the Simulation Object Editor that will walk users through the process. In addition, VR-Forces is able to analyze what has changed from the factory default and produce a detailed report letting the user know what has been customized in an existing SMS.
  • Switches between sensor mode configurations occur instantaneously.
  • Improved Entity List for easier understanding.
  • Rename entities with Sa single click.
  • Find entities faster with categories and tags.
  • Order Of Battle – VR-Forces supports the creation and use of an ORBAT file – the description of the units and their organizational structure available for use in a given scenario. When loaded, users can only create specific objects and units which exist in that ORBAT.


For a complete description of these new features, as well as information on other improvements including bugs fixed, please see the Release Notes:

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