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VT MAK Releases VR-Forces 4.6.1 | See also VR-Vantage 2.3.1

VT MAK is pleased to announce the release of VR-Forces 4.6.1. This maintenance release makes a lot of important changes which we believe you will appreciate.

Some of these changes include:
  • Rain now has an effect on the radar sensors
  • Radar systems support sector blanking
  • The ability to specify detection probability in sensors – this allows sensors to be configured to either miss targets or randomly delay detection based on a specified probability.
  • Parachuting now works from fixed-wing aircraft and aircraft which do not have a detailed 3D geometry model. Previously this worked only for helicopters with detailed models.
  • The maximum depth and height of the terrain can be specified for path data generation; this allows for more robust path generation on terrains with extremely deep tunnels or tall buildings.
  • Audio support has been added on Linux.
  • A new map scale overlay on the PVD.
For a complete description of these new features, as well as information on other improvements including bugs fixed, please see the Release Notes:
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