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VR-Forces 4.9 Splashscreen

MAK Releases VR-Engage 1.7

The MAK team is extremely happy to announce the release of VR-Engage 1.7. This is a relatively small feature release designed to support major upgrades to VR-Forces 4.10 and VR-Vantage 2.8.  For a full list of improvements and bug fixes, explore the full VR-Engage 1.7 release notes.

New features include: 

Ground Vehicles

  • A player can take on the Gunner role for the M2A3 Bradley IFV while VR-Forces drives the vehicle.
  • Players in the Gunner role on the M1A2 SEP Abrams can control the gun.
  • The new GTK Boxer CRV entity includes a main Commander RWS and Commander Hatch as well as Driver and Gunner.
  • The GTK Boxer APC model has been updated to have only the single machine gun turret. It has two roles: Driver and Commander RWS.
  • The Commander RWS role can now take full control of the gun and use the laser designator to designate a target for the gunner.
  • Multiple improvements have been made to the visual rendering of models including accurate wheel rotation and turning based on vehicle velocity


  • The multi-function display on fixed-wing aircraft now includes a TDL Common Operating Picture (COP).
  • The virtual reality mask for the T-38 C has been improved.


  • You can now specify the push-to-talk button for the MAK Radio standalone application.