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TurboTraffic was one of MAK's early experiments in online simulation. It provided a traffic simulation hosted in the cloud that used Open Street Maps to enable users to create traffic simulations anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in hosting a simulation in the cloud or on a server within your firewall, get in touch. We have many alternative approaches to discuss.

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Quick and Easy Web-Based Traffic Simulation

TurboTraffic was a web-based traffic simulation application that allowed users to easily create vehicle simulations anywhere. Our unique approach enabled non-experts to use traffic simulations to plan, study, analyze, and educate – right from a web browser. Traffic simulation so easy, anyone could do it!

Lightweight, Inexpensive, and Ready to Use

Since TurboTraffic was a Simulation-as-a-Service application, there was no installation required and users could access it from anywhere. Users could interactively build a vehicle simulation by creating traffic volume, congestion, back-ups, and delays. Base maps and road networks were directly accessed from the internet. Because TurboTraffic was web-based, users could share their results with others by sending them a link to their simulation. 

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