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Beautiful High-performance Scenes filled with Human Characters and Informative Graphics — MAK's visualization suite lets you experience your modeling and simulation from every vantage point.


VR-Vantage IG

Game-like visual quality in a high-performance image generator — Designed by modeling & simulation experts for training and simulation projects.


Realistic Human Characters for Extraordinary Visual Simulation.

Super-realistic, fully-rigged, easy to control human and animal characters.

VR-Vantage Stealth

Quickly achieve a “big picture” understanding of the simulation while retaining an immersive sense of perspective.

SensorFX & RadarFX

Physically accurate sensors — model the physics of light in any wavelength to represent electro-optical, night-vision, and infrared sensors.

Plus Synthetic Aperture Radar Simulation

VT MAK – Blue Ribbon Winners for Innovation

KMI Media's 2014 Top Simulation & Training Companies

MAK is building on our 20+ year pedigree of open standards and interoperability to bring live, virtual, and constructive simulation to the web. Until recently it wasn’t feasible to develop high-performance, interactive, graphics-intensive applications that run natively in browsers and mobile apps. MAK has taken advantage of new technology by drafting a standard, WebLVC, with SISO to enable interoperability of web-based M&S applications. MAK has developed the MAK WebLVC Server and a suite of apps that bring a modern twist to traditional training systems by making them light-weight, accessible, and mobile. It’s running now: MAK continues to release interoperability, simulation, and visualization products that make modeling & simulation easier & more cost effective.


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