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Beautiful Scenes — Informative Content MAK's visualization suite lets you experience your modeling and simulation from every vantage point.

VR-Vantage IG

Game-like visual quality in a high-performance image generator — Designed by modeling & simulation experts for training and simulation projects.

VR-Vantage Stealth

Quickly achieve a “big picture” understanding of the simulation while retaining an immersive sense of perspective.


Physically accurate sensors — model the physics of light in any wavelength to represent electro-optical, night-vision, and infrared sensors.

RadarFX SAR Server

Synthetic Aperture Radar Simulation Add a SAR to your sensor package that correlates with your visual scenes, optical sensors, and computer-generated forces scenarios.

Beautiful Visual Scenes — Informative Visual Content

MAK's visualization suite lets you see beautiful visuals from every vantage point.

MAK lets you visualize your simulation environment from multiple perspectives. These visual simulation perspectives range from realistic scenes for out-the-window or sensor views for man-in-the-loop training devices, to 3D informational views and tactical map displays for planning and situational awareness, and also to exaggerated reality views for visual analysis.


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