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Terrain alternatives for modeling and simulation

VR-TheWorld Server

The streaming terrain alternative

3D worlds are generated on-the-fly from terrain data streamed from a server as needed.

Procedural Terrain

Extremely creative algorithms generate high-detailed 3D geometry and textures from relatively little source terrain data.

Modeled Terrain

High detailed terrain created with modeling tools create some of the finest up-close detail needed for ground simulation.

Connecting every simulation with our flexible interoperability tools.

MAK's foundation is in simulation network interoperability. Our powerful software toolkits help you connect your simulations together. We help to ensure that your applications are compliant with industry standard interoperability protocols. We provide the tools you need to inter-operate even when your distributed simulations span local or wide area networks or protocol boundaries like DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA 1516, HLA Evolved, or RTI Vendors.


Link – Interoperability Products

MAK RTI – HLA RTI - Run Time Infrastructure

VR-Link– HLA-DIS Simulation Networking

VR-Link for Unity – HLA and DIS for Unity

VR-Exchange – Protocol Translation & Bridging

MAK Data Logger – Simulation Recording & Replay

FOM Editor – Design, Understand, Share your Object Model