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All the technology and content you need for "OneWorld" Whole‑Earth Terrains that are visually rich, high‑performance, open‑standards‑based, and correlated across the entire MAK suite of simulation and visualization applications.

MAK Earth

VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage all contain the powerful MAK Earth terrain engine.

Procedural generation of Whole-Earth terrain: Driven by GIS data - loaded directly or streamed from a server; Native support for CDB databases through run-time publishing; Cut-in high-resolution site models.

VR-TheWorld Server

Streaming terrain data server for MAK Earth enabled applications.

Terabytes of global elevation, imagery, feature, and land use layers — Served via industry-standard GIS protocols.

Tool-Generated Terrain Databases

VR-Engage, VR-Forces, and VR-Vantage all support terrain databases built with terrain generation tools in formats such as: CDB and OpenFlight/MetaFlight.