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VT MAK Announces the Release of MAK RTI 4.5.

MAK RTI 4.5 is a major feature release that focuses on large exercises by making setup easier and more interactive; by helping to overcome unreliable network connections; and by ensuring that customers don’t pay extra for product-add-ons.

Unmatched WAN Support with Unlimited Data Forwarders

The MAK RTI focuses on performance, it always has. Whether you are connecting together two applications on the same machine, or thousands of applications around the world, the MAK RTI has always made it possible to configure the RTI to meet your particular exercise’s throughput and latency needs – all without having to purchase any data forwarders.

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MAK RTI Assistant Included

This release continues our long tradition of helping our customers be successful with complex network configurations through the easy to use built-in user interface – the MAK RTI Assistant. Users can now launch RTI Forwarders from the Federation View and change RID settings without having to use a text editor. Further, users can save named configurations and choose them as their applications connect, allowing for quick switching among multiple configurations. All of this is designed to make it easier for users to set up their network quickly, without much thought and then move on to more complex and important parts of their simulation.

For users with large exercises and multiple RTI Forwarders, the MAK RTI can now survive faulty TCP connections. If you are running a large exercise and TCP links are unstable, the MAK RTI will continue to run and reconnect broken links. Your network may not be there for you; but the MAK RTI will. This also means RTI Forwarder networks can be set up without an RTI Exec running, or even extended after the Federation is formed – allowing for more dynamic and powerful exercise support.

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In addition, MAK RTI 4.5 adds support for the latest versions of the Microsoft compiler and Qt.

For a complete list of new features, as well as information on bug fixes and other small changes, please see the Release Notes:


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