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VR TheWorld

VR-TheWorld Online

MAK has hosted a VR-TheWorld server in the cloud so that you can use the terrain data with MAK products if you have a connection to the internet. If you work in an environment that is not connected to the internet, then we can help you setup a VR-TheWorld Server inside your secure network.

The VR-TheWorld Online interface lets you browse and preview the available datasets, and obtain information on how to connect VR-Vantage-based applications and other TMS and WMS-compliant applications – including web apps.

To see some of the best data we have available on VR-TheWorld Online, navigate down to Boston, MA; Washington, DC; Austin, TX; or Bagram or Kandahar airports in Afghanistan.

A World of Data

We are hosting over 4 terabytes of elevation, imagery, and digital map data - pre-tiled for correlated, high-performance access in simulation and visualization applications:

Global elevation - 90-meter (DTED Level 1) for the entire globe, including bathymetry
Global imagery - 15m resolution for the entire globe color-corrected for seamless display
High-resolution inset areas, ranging from 1m down to 15cm per pixel


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