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The MAK Suite Demo


Each year at MAK we 'eat our own dog food.' That is, we use all of our products to build an Integrated Training System that demonstrates the powerful interactions between VR-Forces, VR-Engage, the MAK Data Logger and VR-Vantage.

  • Watch a nineteen-minute MAKtv video of Len Granowetter presenting the demonstration at I/ITSEC.

  • Contact us, and we'll use the controls in the graphic below to show you the demo we've hosted on Amazon Web Services.

  • Read this two-page brochure describing the system components and the training exercise timeline. 

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MAK Suite Demo – The Video

VR-Vantage IG

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MAK Suite Demo – The Brochure


MAK ITS Brochure Page 1

MAK ITS Brochure Page 2