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Earlier this week, VT MAK presented a Command Staff Training seminar in Daejeon, South Korea in cooperation with their regional representative - KCEi.

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In a recent interview, we got a chance to catch up with Jay Kemper, Senior Software Engineer at Calspan. We discussed how MÄK’s VR-Vantage IG is used by the Air Force test Pilot School and what they are learning using the VR-Vantage product.

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As aviation technology has improved, commercial air traffic has increased significantly, requiring better airspace management techniques. In an attempt to develop better air capacity, safety, and flexibility, NASA’s Air Traffic Operations Laboratory (ATOL) used a massive simulation environment called Air and Traffic Operations Simulation (ATOS) to explore better techniques. As the project’s success lead to its growth, NASA required a licensing option that would be easily scalable in a simulation that is ever-expanding.

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Yesterday at FIDAE 2016, the VT MÄK/Altec Booth got a surprise visitor.

Paulina Vodanovic Rojas, the Chilean Sub-Secretary of State, decided to stop by our booth and test out our first-person pilot demo! Let us know if you'd like to see this demo for yourself.

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The first day of AUSA has been great for MÄK customers! 

MÄK's setup inside the VT Miltope Booth (#813) has generated a great amount of interest in MÄK's virtual reality-based Light Armored Vehicle crew trainer demo. Constructed through VR-Forces, DI-Guy and VR-Vantage, it includes an Oculus Rift Commander view, gunner, and driver.

VR-Vantage really shows off the capability of using a VR helmet as a serious training tool and cost-effective simulation immersion device!

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a free VR-Forces training class at our headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

The week-long training will run from March 21-25. 

The course will be focused on developing user-level skills in the latest release of VR-Forces. 

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The MÄK RTI enables High Level Architecture (HLA) federations to rapidly and efficiently communicate. Strong performance in an RTI increases a simulation system’s capacity for spatial updates, providing higher fidelity to a simulation. With this in mind, we’ve made significant performance increases for MAK RTI 4.4.2.

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VR-Link is the longest-running and most popular MÄK product, so we’re always excited to make improvements to it. With the release of VR-Link 5.2.1, our focus is turning to accessibility and ease of use.

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Interoperability is the backbone of MÄK’s software solutions, so we are always working to make improvements and develop new capabilities in this area. With the release of MÄK Data Logger 5.4, we are focusing on pushing the limits of our exercise scalability by reading more packets and managing the distribution of packet processing.

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MÄK continues to make major investments in the development of VR-Vantage, with our sights set on helping our customers Get Ahead of the Game. From IG users developing immersive first person experiences to Stealth users visualizing missions and developmental prototypes, there are new features that improve everyone’s VR-Vantage experience.

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Seasons Greetings!

We want to thank everyone who participated in and/or attended I/ITSEC 2015. We have included photos below- check out the experience we had at the show!

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The first week of December, VT MÄK was in Bogotá, Colombia, for EXPODEFENSA, the Colombian trade show for the defense and security industries.

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VR-Forces is a mainstay product for the MÄK brand, and has been for nearly two decades. Our software engineers have preserved this cornerstone of MÄK offerings by continually evolving its capabilities and interface. Today we preview VR-Forces 4.4 — the most refined and intuitive simulation engine we’ve ever built.

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At MÄK, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what is possible for your simulation and helping you maximize the power of our software. Our engineers work to make everything you see more accurate and lifelike, including the actual terrain you are running your simulation on.

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Aaron Dubois, one of MÄK’s Principal Software Engineers, stockpiled three awards yesterday at the 2015 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop in Orlando.

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After more than 15 years and 21 different drafts, RPR FOM 2 is finally a SISO standard! It’s been a long road with periods of intense activity and years with little progress, but it is here. The RPR FOM is an incredibly important standard in our industry. It embodies the most widely used object model in our community. It was originally designed to allow the concepts of DIS to be used in HLA federations. Now with RPR FOM 2, there is a single official standard that is supported by all the flavors of HLA and is consistent with DIS version 6. Having this standard provides a clear way for our customers to maximize their simulation investments — with minimal incremental cost, simulations built for a single purpose can be connected to other simulators to form larger and more valuable federations.

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VR-Forces 4.3.1 is a major maintenance release that greatly improves VR-Forces 3D visualization while simultaneously fixes a number of important defects. 

VR-Forces is built using the VR-Vantage graphics engine. This release incorporates the significant improves to visualization found in VR-Vantage 2.0.1, such as:

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If you have a deep technical understanding of building 3d models, here are some quick tips to make sure they perform optimally in your VR-Vantage application.

To make your models as fast as possible, you need to minimize drawables. Each drawable is a collection of polygons with the same state set and the same primitive set. Every time the information about a drawable is sent to the graphics card, your draw time goes up significantly. Having hundreds if not thousands of drawables in your scene will kill your performance.  To reduce drawables, follow these rules:

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We've just launched RadarFX, our new Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) simulation and visualization product! We built it in conjunction with our partner, JRM Technologies.

In the real world, a SAR sensor is typically attached to an aircraft or satellite.  A SAR system generates photograph-like still images of a target area by combining radar return data collected from multiple antenna locations along a path of flight. Requests from users on the ground define the target area to be scanned, and other parameters used to generate and return the image.

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