Interoperability is the backbone of MÄK’s software solutions, so we are always working to make improvements and develop new capabilities in this area. With the release of MÄK Data Logger 5.4, we are focusing on pushing the limits of our exercise scalability by reading more packets and managing the distribution of packet processing.

Logger 5.4 is built to be much more efficient, with a significant increase in packet reading speed. This allows it to process information much more quickly, keeping the Logger up to speed in larger exercises.

The GUI has also been overhauled, providing a data packet view and dual timelines that provide a detailed magnification of specific segments for analysis.

We’ve optimized the Logger to provide better initial recording response inside of more complex simulations. Now the Traffic Analyzer fills with data and begins accumulating entity information automatically when you launch the Logger, before you ever hit record. This minimizes the amount of data that the Logger needs to process upon initial recording, improving capture response times.

Logger 5.4 intelligently distributes the remainder of the initial recording data across the time schedule, instead of overloading data at time 0:00. Not only does this provide you more information earlier in the simulation, it also improves accuracy of the data and the time stamping of the data it processes.

The new Logger has superior tools for after-action review purposes. Time managed exercises are now supported, allowing you to jump around in the exercises while maintaining the fidelity of the simulation. It also allows for playback of the simulation at up to 1/100x speed, which is very useful for flight and missile testing.

Logger 5.4 supports/complies with RPR FOM 2.0 out of the box, the official standard that is supported by all the flavors of HLA and is consistent with DIS versions 4 through 7. With minimal incremental cost, simulations built for a single purpose can be connected to other simulators to form larger and more valuable federations.

Get more information on MÄK's Data Logger HERE.