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What’s New: An improved Code Generator and Java Support for VR-Link 5.2.1


VR-Link is the longest-running and most popular MÄK product, so we’re always excited to make improvements to it. With the release of VR-Link 5.2.1, our focus is turning to accessibility and ease of use.

The latest version of the code generator has been refined to completely translate your Federation Object Model (FOM) into code with no need for manual entries and edits. This saves developers significant time implementing new protocol messages and makes the code generator easier to use.

Whenever practical, the code generator will map objects and attributes to native VR-Link classes, such as DtString, and DtVector. This lessens the likelihood that simulation developers will have to change their applications to use the new protocol.

VR-Link 5.2.1 introduces Java system compatibility, in addition to its native C++ and C#. Our Java implementation supports DIS and HLA interactions, as well as dead reckoning, smoothing, coordinate conversions, and all the things our customers love about VR-Link. Additionally, C++ FOM Mappers will work with both C++ and Java federates, giving our users FOM agility regardless of programming language.


Get more information on VR-Link HERE.

Request a Demo HERE.


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