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VT MÄK Announces the Release of VR-Exchange 2.4

We are excited to release VR-Exchange 2.4, a major feature release that enforces our commitment to supporting the latest protocols and the largest exercises with MÄK products. Here are a few of the changes we made with this release:

Interoperability Improvements

  • RPR FOM 2.0 Support – The latest release of the RPR FOM has been approved by SISO. VR-Exchange and other MÄK products now fully support it.
  • Cursor on Target (CoT) Support – VR-Exchange has added support for CoT. CoT is a simple and lightweight protocol developed by MITRE to allow deployed tactical systems to communicate positional information efficiently. CoT support can be added to VR-Exchange via a separate installer.
  • More translators – VR-Exchange now supports the translation of areal and linear object messages for DIS and HLA.

Easier/Better Configuration

  • One way translation – Brokers can now be configured to only allow information to flow in one direction. This allows customers who have several source data exercises to merge their data flows together into a new exercise, without polluting the original source exercises. For example, let’s say you have all your Air traffic in one exercise and all your ground traffic in another. You may need to combine these for a specific simulator to operate. VR-Exchange can help you merge the exercises into a new unified exercise. By making the brokers read only, ground entities won’t be merged into the air exercise and air entities won’t be merged into the ground; however, both air and ground entities will appear in the new common exercise.
  • Geospatial Filtering – Sometimes, you want to divide your exercise up geographically where different components should only be exposed to entities for that specific geographic area. VR-Exchange now allows users to configure geographic filtering that only allows objects in a particular area to pass through VR-Exchange.
  • A Better User Interface for Large Exercises – VR-Exchange is increasingly used in exercises where there are more than 100k entities. We have made a number of changes to the user interface to make sure such large entity counts are easy to understand and do not cause performance problems.

For a complete description of these new features, as well as information on other improvements, please see the Release Notes. To receive product download links, click here.

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