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VT MÄK Announces the Release of RadarFX SAR Server 1.0

We've just launched RadarFX, our new Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) simulation and visualization product! We built it in conjunction with our partner, JRM Technologies.

In the real world, a SAR sensor is typically attached to an aircraft or satellite.  A SAR system generates photograph-like still images of a target area by combining radar return data collected from multiple antenna locations along a path of flight. Requests from users on the ground define the target area to be scanned, and other parameters used to generate and return the image.

In the simulation world, RadarFX SAR Server stands in for the SAR system. The server listens for SAR image requests from one or more client applications, and responds to those requests by generating a simulated SAR image, and providing the image to the client. A client application might be a Command and Control System running in a simulation mode, a ground station simulation, or any other simulation application that has a need to request, collect, and display SAR images.

In addition to the RadarFX SAR Server software itself, the RadarFX product distribution includes a C++ API that a client application can use to make requests of the server, and to receive responses. We also include a sample client application, called GUI Client, to allow users to test and demonstrate the capabilities of RadarFX SAR Server without writing any custom client code. Full source code to the GUI Client is provided.

RadarFX SAR Server is built on top of MÄK’s VR-Vantage IG, and uses JRM Technologies’ proven physics-based sensor simulation technology. RadarFX utilizes the same process as our SensorFX product for materially classifying terrain databases and 3D models. This allows it work seamlessly with existing materially classified databases and provides 100% correlation between the different sensor views. The RadarFX SAR Server natively supports all versions of the DIS and HLA standards making it easier to integrate into your simulation programs.

Read the release notes for a full product description. 

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