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VR-Vantage IG: A New Vision for Modeling & Simulation

VR-Vantage IG delivers game-like visual quality in a high-performance image generator "” designed with the flexibility, scalability, and deliverability required for simulation and training.


With VR-Vantage IG, immerse your trainees in stunning virtual environments. Experience 60 Hz frame rates for smooth motion, engaging action to stimulate trainees, and beautiful effects for immersive realism; all this, inside world-wide geo-specific databases.

We use the latest shader-based rendering techniques "” just like the triple A games do "” to take full advantage of today’s powerful GPUs. In your scenes, you’ll see dynamic light sources that cast light on scene geometry, full-scene dynamic shadows, ambient occlusion, reflections, and bump maps, depth of field, zoom, and other camera effects "“ and a whole lot more.  


VR-Vantage excels in all training domains: air, land, sea, even under the sea. For the high fliers, we have long viewing distances within unending terrains, curved horizons, haze, lens effects, and volumetric clouds. Closer to the ground we render highly detailed built-up environments with dense vegetation and DI-Guy human characters. On the water, we model physically accurate waves and sea state, realistic wakes and rotor wash, buoys with navigation lights, realistic shoreline effects, and subsurface visibility.

Designed for integrators, VR-Vantage IG has built-in support for industry standard protocols: CIGI for host connections, and DIS and HLA for distributed simulation. Its C++ API allows you to extend its capabilities or embed the IG directly into your simulation application.

VR-Vantage is deployable anywhere: in your multi-channel full-mission trainers, in your desktop player stations, in your R&D or experimentation labs, or in a streaming video server for web or mobile applications.

We’ve taken a Terrain Agile approach, to support all the ways of getting terrain into your scene. Whether it’s through traditional visual database formats (including large-area paging terrains), by direct import from GIS source data, by streaming terrain from a remote server, or by procedurally generating terrain in the IG, VR-Vantage has you covered.

With VR-Vantage IG, the art of rendering beautiful visual out-the-window scenes is matched with the science of physics-based sensor simulation "“ to model night vision goggles, electro-optical cameras and infrared thermal imagers.

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