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VR-Forces 4.6: Electronic Warfare in Action

With VR-Forces, we’re always looking for ways to create scenarios that more accurately represent the experience of battle and give instructors as many real-world features for training as possible. In VR-Forces 4.6, we take a step forward in our capacity to simulate electronic warfare, with improved radar system and jammer functions:

  • -Radar systems now publish Electronic Emissions data for all sensor contacts.
  • -Jammer systems can be added to entities.
  • -Objects with jammer systems can publish jamming information about beams in the electronic emissions network objects for maximum interoperability.
  • -Entities that are jammed will not detect the jammer entity or any entity based on radar receiver configuration.
  • -You can configure how much power a receiver needs to be deception jammed (only jamming object is not seen) or noise jamming where all objects get blocked.
  • -All of this can be used in reactive tasks to produce fairly complex results. One reactive task has been added out of the box to automatically deception jam all entities that are tracking the aircraft.

Let’s take a look at what those new features look like in action, when an SA-21 SAM System and a MiG-29 jet fighter detect an incoming EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft:

As the scenario begins, we see that the Prowler has been detected by the SA-21 and the MiG, and they begin classification.



The Prowler recognizes that it has been detected, and enables jamming. In this case, the Prowler chooses to jam the SA-21 specifically - this is published on the network and indicated here by the purple line.


The Prowler adds the MiG to it’s jamming list. Note the two purple lines as indicators, also that the MiG and SA-21 detect “no contacts”.


VR-Forces supports individual track jamming (as seen above), complete jamming (which jams all nearby tracking entities), as well as effective angles (jams all tracking entities in a particular direction).

For more information on VR-Forces, check out the product page, or request a demo.

Steve Peart from the Singapore Airshow!
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