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VR-Forces 4.4, the Most Refined and Intuitive Simulation Experience Yet

VR-Forces is a mainstay product for the MÄK brand, and has been for nearly two decades. Our software engineers have preserved this cornerstone of MÄK offerings by continually evolving its capabilities and interface. Today we preview VR-Forces 4.4 — the most refined and intuitive simulation engine we’ve ever built.


VR-Forces 4.4 unveils out-of the box content including patriot missile batteries, Coast Guard cutters, cruise ships, and UAVs, just to name a few. These entities are fully customizable, meaning you can add or subtract weapons, sensor, and other components so you can make units specific to your needs or model prototypes of new systems.

We’ve integrated Blueberry 3D, which creates super high resolution terrains with small amounts of source data, creatively sculpting the undulations and variations in the topography like those in the real world. Now you can populate these lifelike environments with VR-Forces to simulate ground operations and low-flight operations that benefit from high terrain detail.


Airspace modeling is amplified by 3D control graphics. Visible markers in the sky make it easy to understand when entities cross into designated airspaces. They are also part of the simulation logic so entity plans can trigger when entities cross in and out of them.  Use this visual technique to carve air corridors and manipulate time restrictions in the airspace to enhance mission planning and increase simulation realism.

It is equally important  to control this new content with precision. With superior DI-Guy integration, entities now possess all the movement and detail needed to build a first-person shooter. Entities aim their weapons when they detect a potential threat, lining up targets in advance. Tracer ammunition shows the trajectory of the rounds, allowing you hone in on targets when operating in first-person perspective. By integrating Autodesk’s Gameware, AI entities find optimal paths in and around the scene. This is also effective on embarked entities, allowing troops to intelligently traverse the deck of a surging carrier. Suppressive fire adds realism to the battle by allowing one force to tactically inhibit another’s ability to fight back and provide cover for movement.

To increase that sense of precision and control over a larger number of entities. VR-Forces 4.4 introduces a new construct: Group Objects. Group Objects define the relationships between multiple entities, allowing you to place an entire interactive group into your scenario in one simple action. For example, you might place a patriot missile battery where the radar, the command post and the guns are all parts of an intricate fire control system. Now you can instantly replicate the whole patriot system over and over again in your scenario. You can even share the Group Object and use it in other scenarios.   


VR-Forces 4.4 is a puckster’s paradise — wrapped inside the most intuitive interface we’ve ever developed — where you can enhance your pre-planned scenario, add intensity to training exercises, correct mistakes, insert challenges, all at runtime — while the simulation is under way. Because the environment is intuitive, your instructors and role players will be more effective at fine-tuning the simulation environment to maximize the training experience for the virtual players. Scenario planners have a playground of pre-play options to explore, including setting up custom buttons and macros that trigger a wide range of events and actions when a human operator decides the time is right.


Contact us for a demonstration. With every entity you touch, the attention to detail is obvious. Once you feel VR-Forces 4.4 in your hands, you won’t ever want to go back to anything else. Change your expectations of a simulation. Get ahead of the game.


Iván Reporting from Expodefensa 2015
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