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Visualizing Streaming Features

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With the release of VR-Vantage 1.4.1 comes the ability to visualize streaming features from Open Streaming Terrain Servers like VR-TheWorld. Check out the hundreds of thousands of buildings and millions of trees being served up on our Hawaii database. The island of Oahu has been chosen to demonstrate this capability and all you need to visualize it is a VR-Vantage application and an internet connection. 

Use any VR-Vantage application like VR-Vantage Stealth or VR-Vantage FreeView. Connect to our online VR-TheWorld Server (when the app starts a terrain chooser dialog appears with“VR-TheWorld Online - MÄK” already selected. Just click OK). Load a "saved view" to bring you directly to Hawaii (Observer Saved Viewe Panel -> Import and Replace Views -> Choose "hawaii-boston.osrx". Click on "Hawaii").


Navigate around using the WASD keys and/ or the mouse (left=terrain drag/ right=mouse look) and see for yourself what great looking terrains can be streamed to client applications like VR-Vantage and VR-Forces. And because VR-TheWorld uses Open Streaming Terrain formats, you can connect to it with your own client applications!

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