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The Scalability Challenge and Simulation Scalability Study Group

Later this month, the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) is hosting its 2021 Virtual SIMposium. I am excited to announce that MAK's SimBrief abstract, titled "The Scalability Challenge and Simulation Scalability Study Group '' was recently accepted and, alongside Len Granowetter and Bob Holcomb, I will present it at the SIMposium! See below for our presentation abstract. Stay tuned for the date/time of the presentation, as well as details on the Study Group I will host after the presentation.

Abstract for the MAK presentation at the upcoming 2021 SISO SIMposium

As technology progresses, the ability to fully simulate a dense, content-rich, high entity count environment is becoming a real possibility. Modern training software requires populated urban environments with thousands to millions of moving, interactable, simulated entities such as civilian pedestrians, vehicular traffic, and civilian aircraft. While current simulation standards such as Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) have been able to support large scale simulations, it is difficult to reach the level of fidelity desired by the next generation of trainers which strive for millions of entities for realistic densely populated environments. An approach that finds a balance between distributing the needed simulation data while working in the constraints of real-world networks is required to support the level of scalability demanded by the next generation of high fidelity simulation systems.

A new framework has been developed which combines an innovative thread-safe, data-oriented designed data store with an efficient communication architecture to achieve the goal of supporting the latest requirements of million entity count simulations. This framework is called Legion and earlier this year it was submitted as a basis for the Simulation Scalability Study Group. The goals of this study group are to develop a common understanding of the scalability problem among existing systems and to evaluate the Legion framework, as well as other scalability frameworks, as a starting point for a new SISO Standard effort.

This presentation will provide a review of the entity scalability challenge, an overview of the Legion framework with some of the latest capabilities, and a brief of the study group activities to date. 

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