If you read MAK documentation in PDF form, you probably know it's easy to search within a manual -- just type Ctrl-F in most PDF readers and enter a search term. But what if you're not sure which book you need to look at? Here's a way to search across multiple PDFs. We'll use Adobe Acrobat Reader here, but other PDF readers have similar capabilities.


Note: If you decide to make a new folder for the PDFs to be searched, we recommend that you copy the PDFs from your MAK install directory rather than moving them.

To search multiple PDFs:

1. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, choose Edit > Advanced Search.
2. Select All PDF Documents in.
3. In the drop-down menu, select or browse to the directory that contains the PDFs to search (for example, C:\MAK).
4. Enter a search term.
5. Select search options (whole words only, case-sensitive, include bookmarks, or include comments).
6. Click Search.
   Reader displays clickable search results for each PDF file in the folder.