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Tech tip: Recording VR-Vantage video streams with MAK Data Logger

Recording streaming video from VR-Vantage with the MAK Data Logger is quick and easy.  Here are some tips for getting the best video quality out of your recordings. 

  1. Resize the VR-Vantage Window

    1. By default, the VR-Vantage window will fill the available window space, but this may be an irregular resolution.

    2. Using the Display Engine Configuration Editor, you can readjust the window height and width.  We recommend multiples of 16. For example,1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080.  

      1. Resolutions that are multiples of 16 are required for H264 video streaming/recording.

  2. In VR-Vantage, choose one of the hardware accelerated video streaming options.  These configurations are named with “HW” and will have the best quality and performance.

    1. Hardware acceleration requires an NVidia Driver version greater than 396.26.

    2. To find your NVidia driver version, you can open the Nvidia Control Panel and click Help->System Information.  The driver version will be at the top of the "Details" section

  3. The Logger has preconfigured settings for recording both MPEG streams and H264 streams.  The default setting is to record MPEG streams.

    1. If you want to stream MPEG and record it with the Logger, you just need to enable video recording.  This can be enabled by clicking the camcorder icon in the top menu bar.

    2. If you want to stream H264 and record it with the Logger, you need to first change the default video settings in the Logger.  This can be done in the lgrConfig xml file (there is a separate config file for each protocol, DIS, HLA13, HLA1516, etc). There are 3 settings you’ll need to change.

      1. mediaRecordType - the h264 configuration is in a comment marked “Alternative h264 encoding”.  Comment or remove the MPEG configuration and remove the comment tags from the h264 configuration.

      2. mediaPlayInWindowType - same instructions as above.

      3. mediaPlayToStreamType - same instructions as above.

    3. There are some trade offs to consider when deciding to use MPEG or H264 video.

      1. MPEG video is better for jumping to random times in the recording.  However, MPEG files are larger in size than H264 recordings.

      2. H264 recordings use less bandwidth and result in a smaller file size.  However, H264 videos are not well suited for jumping to random times in the recording.


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