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Tech Tip: Manage the flow of training exercises with scenario events

Scenario events in VR-Forces are an easy way for instructors to manage the flow of training exercises by stimulating both the participants of a VR-Forces simulation and the simulation itself.

Imagine that a commander of a security force is being trained on what to look out for while monitoring the safety of a public area — specifically activity that might indicate a bomb threat. A scenario event can be used in two ways to model this type of training exercise:

  • A scenario event can present the trainee with information about what's going on in the training exercise that isn't actually happening in the VR-Forces simulation, such as a text message, a social media post, or a news bulletin. In this case, the trainee might see a social media post from a bystander who sees a suspicious person with what looks like a bomb.
  • When the instructor is ready, she can tap a custom scenario event button on the toolbar to trigger an event and move the scenario and training exercise along. For example, the instructor could press the toolbar button to make the suspicious person's bomb detonate and prompt the trainee to respond.

In VR-Forces, you can program all kinds of things to happen - like controlling the weather or increasing the flow of traffic in an area - by setting an entity's plan or the scenario's global plan. You could be working within a simple scenario, like the one mentioned above, or a much larger-scale exercise with many different types of entities and plans. But by making a scenario event and adding it to the toolbar, you're giving the instructor control on how and when to present scenario information to the trainee to meet the objectives of the training exercise.

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