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Tech Tip: How to use Zoom Breakout Rooms

Usually, our tech tips are all about getting the most out of MAK products. For this tip, however, we’re focusing on Zoom meetings and Breakout Rooms so you can get the most out of our MAK Live Experiences during I/ITSEC.

(Read this for background on how we’re approaching I/ITSEC this year — then join us!)

Here are a few essential tidbits to be successful using Zoom Breakout Rooms:

  1. First things first: update your version of Zoom. In order to participate in the Zoom Breakout Rooms for our MAK Live I/ITSEC Experiences, you must be using v.5.3.0 of Zoom or higher. If you are not on 5.3.0+, you will not have the option to select a breakout room. To check what version you currently have and see available updates, right-click on the Zoom icon in your system tray (or go to to get the newest version of Zoom):
  2. Access Zoom Breakout Rooms. Once you’ve confirmed that you are using Zoom v5.3.0+, finding breakout rooms is easy! The MAK host will activate them after the brief welcome and introduction, and then you’ll see an option to browse and join breakout rooms on the bottom of your Zoom application window, between “Record” and “Reactions”. When you click on that, a list of different Breakout Rooms will appear in a pop-out box with the option to “join” any of them - feel free to explore! And just like in real life at tradeshows, you’re able to see who else is in each room from the list of breakouts.
  3. Move between Zoom Breakout Rooms. If you’re in a Breakout Room and you’d like to explore a different one, just click “join” next to any room in the Breakout Room list. You’ll be transported straight there! And don’t be shy - we’re excited to see you, even if to just say hello.
  4. Leave a Breakout Room and get back to the Zoom lobby. If you’d like to return to the main Zoom “lobby” from a Breakout Room, click the blue “Leave” button at the bottom right of your Zoom window. You’ll get the option to leave the Zoom meeting altogether, or just leave the Breakout Room. Click “Leave Breakout Room” and voila! You’re back in the lobby with our hosts.
  5. Set up your view of the Zoom experience. A cool thing about Zoom is that you get to choose how you see the other Zoom participants. For our MAK Live! I/ITSEC Experiences, we recommend choosing Gallery view when no one is sharing their screen, or Side By Side: Gallery view when someone is sharing their screen. See below! 

    You can also toggle the screen size to enlarge the video images or the shared screen, depending on which you’d like to be bigger. Just drag the dividing line left or right.


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