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RTI RID Configuration Tips: Part 5:“ Programmatic Configuration

This is part 5 in my series of blog posts on RTI RID configuration tips. Check out the previous posts in this series, and stay tuned for more to come.

Part 1: RID Consistency Checking 

Part 2: The Advantages of MTL

Part 3: Utilize Environment Variables 

Part 4: Modularizing Your RID 

Change RID parameters programmatically in HLA 1516-2000 and HLA Evolved

The RID file isn’t the only way to specify RTI configuration parameters. Many people don’t know that RID parameters can also be specified programmatically by the federate. Unfortunately there was no mechanism for this in the HLA 1.3 API, but in 1516-2000 such a mechanism was added, and the same idea was kept in HLA Evolved (though the API for it changed). In HLA 1516-2000 and HLA Evolved, the standard included a way to pass a string or series of strings to the RTI to be used in RTI initialization. Since RTI configuration is different for every RTI, the standard left it to RTI developers to determine how these strings were used. As a result, this is one of the few areas of the API that will work differently from RTI to RTI. So if your federate needs to operate with multiple RTIs, you may want to consider other configuration options or have a switch in your code based on what RTI you are using. So how can you use these strings with the MÄK RTI?

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