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Report from CSTM in Brazil

CSTM 2016, the Conference on Simulation and Military Technology, is an Army specialized show for simulation technology in Brazil.

VT MAK showed off its technologies with partner Adventuretech, which presented the visualization solution. Using their immersive cave environment and two more working stations, we presented a Light Armored Vehicle demonstration, a ground vehicle simulator set by MAK engineers to demonstrate the training of a driver station with steering wheel hardware; a gunner using a game controller to operate the turret and shooting at different targets; and finally a commander using Oculus Rift googles to oversee the operation in a 3D, immersive environment.

We also demonstrated a First Person Shooter, with two players working cohesively to complete the same mission together or competitively to find and take out the other. Visitors also experienced the new VR-Forces 4.4 and the aggregate level capabilities, working with our WebLVC technology.

We want to thank all of those who stopped by our booth to see and experience our latest technology! See you next year!

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