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Modeling and Simulation seminar in Bogota, Colombia

Last month VT MAK held their Modeling and Simulation seminar in Bogota, Colombia at the BestWestern Plus Hotel - 93 Parque.
During the seminar MAK unveiled VR-Engage v1.0 - (Released - 4/May/17) MAK's multi-role, multi-domain virtual simulator that allows the First Person user to take control of various entities from a distribute simulation and control them in a First Person-environment.  
VR-Engage Ground and Air were presented to show how this application can work within conjunction of VR-Forces.
Other MAK product based solutions were presented such as a Light Armored Vehicle solution which demonstrated a multi-channel display consisting of 3 independent operator stations - Driver, Gunner and Commander - using the Oculus Rift goggles.
MAK's Command Staff Training solution was also presented to demonstrate the integration and continuity across our full suite of product lines.
Two Colombian based  MAK customers also participated and presented their MAK product based solutions.
First - CI2, demonstrated their First Person Shooter application - ENVIR based on DI-Guy and VR-Vantage and ITM presented their Cyber Solution based on VR-Forces and Scalable Networks QualNet.   
The seminar was well presented by MAKs Vice President - Ben Lubetsky, Steve Peart - Channel Manager and Ivan Diaz - South America Sales Engineer.  
We plan to offer and present more seminars in the future and therefore, hopefully you will be able to attend. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Steve Peart
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