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MAKer Spotlight: Scott Richards, VR-Engage Engineer

A MAKer for the past seven years and currently an engineer on our VR-Engage team, Scott Richards is known for solving complex technical puzzles. One big puzzle for Scott and the team has been putting all the pieces together that make up VR-Engage. Combining VR-Forces rich feature set with high-fidelity ownship simulation, and bringing a first-person perspective and multi-role user interfaces to play with VR-Vantage's comprehensive whole-world multi-channel rendering capabilities, Scott and the team have made VR-Engage a successful role-player station and integral part of the MAK ONE suite.

Scott is our first line of defense when customers and partners need specialized VR-Engage support, and he provided that expert level of support most recently to our Australian distributor, AVS. To help the AVS team prepare their Infantry Fighting Vehicle demo for the recent Land Forces Conference, Scott took the VR-Engage capabilities that he'd built earlier in the year for a Boxer multi-role armored fighting vehicle simulator, and pulled them together to make a complete, end-to-end commander and gunner feature for AVS' Hanwha Redback Turret Simulator. Two VR-Engage crew stations work in tandem to accurately support the hunter-killer paradigm, which enables the commander to have an independent sight that he or she can use to search for targets, and then either perform a slew-to-cue operation or override the gunner's controls directly. Learn more about the demo and the Land Forces Conference here.

When he first joined MAK, Scott was part of the DI-Guy team helping to build the ECO-Sim product, which has since been retired with most of the functionality rolled into VR-Forces and VR-Engage. Scott values being part of a team that appreciates its people, and he appreciates the team he gets to work with.

Outside the office, Scott spends his time with his wife and two kids and tinkers with his very own indie video game, Talon — a multiplayer flight combat game. Scott started this game years ago after playing a similar game with no sequel...when he couldn't find another game that had quite the same allure, he developed his own sci-fi arena shooter!

It's great to have Scott as a part of our MAK family, and we hope this spotlight piques your interest in our MAK team. Stay tuned for more MAKer spotlights! 

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