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MAKer Spotlight: Melinda Minear – Head Trainer, Consultant, and MAK Software Engineer

As we gear up for I/ITSEC this year, we're excited to spotlight Melinda Minear – a MAKer who has been part of the team for 21 years (and who has been to at least 6 I/ITSEC Conferences)! She wears many hats at MAK, from head trainer, to consultant, to all-around MAK Software Engineer. When she's not traveling the world to train or consult with our customers, Mel is considered a de facto member of the VR-Forces team – though she's worked on just about every product team in her MAK tenure – and specializes in feature development, testing, and generally ensuring that VR-Forces is exactly what our customers need.

Mel forged a unique path to MAK. After graduating with her degree in Applied Engineering Physics, she spent 2 years doing seismic surveying on a converted Norwegian fishing boat, complete with mastering rough seas and acquiring her sea legs. When she was ready to hang up the water gear, she heeded the advice of a friend who had previously worked at MAK and decided to apply. Naturally, she was hired and for the past 21 years, has found camaraderie with the quality, honesty, and openness of the MAK team. Mel has become a pillar at MAK and has helped develop those integral pieces of our company culture.

When she's not traveling for work or creating the next big VR-Forces feature, Mel has plenty of hobbies and interests to keep her busy. She spends as much time in the outdoors as she can – from hiking, to diving, to climbing, to gardening. She's got a goal to summit the highest points in the US, and she's got 11 more left – almost there! Her daughter, Iris (7), is close on her heels, having summited 10 so far! She enjoys Taekwondo when she can squeeze it in and – fun fact – it's how she met her husband, Lev. She's a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, so yes, she has mastered that as well.

When she's not kicking butt or climbing mountains or growing life in her garden, you can find Mel cuddling with her cat Shiva, the "ultimate fluffy love bug."

We're excited to introduce to you Mel and more of our team at I/ITSEC this year in Orlando at the MAK Booth (#1413). Stop by and say hello!
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