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MAKer Spotlight: Mariam Ben-Neticha, VR-Forces Software Engineer

We're excited to introduce Mariam Ben-Neticha as our MAKer Spotlight for the month of October. A software engineer on the VR-Forces team, Mariam plays a key role in feature development, bug squashing, and support system tracking and management. One of the most recent features she's worked on comes to VR-Forces 4.10 in our MAK ONE Fall 2021 release: air-to-air refueling!

Originally on track to graduate with a degree in Kinesiology with intent to continue into medicine, Mariam changed direction and instead decided to pursue Computer Science, graduating from Oregon State University. (Everyone at MAK is very pleased with her chosen career path!) Before joining MAK, she gained experience testing software in a Quality Assurance (QA) role.

Mariam was excited to join MAK for many reasons — a main one being that even in the interview process, she felt a connection to her future-colleagues at MAK. She was drawn to the warmth and positive energy from the MAK team. And she's stayed at MAK for the past two and a half years for the same reason, the feeling of camaraderie and friendship with her colleagues across the company. Mariam is part of MAK's Dungeon and Dragons (DnD) club that meets weekly, even in COVID-times, virtually. It's safe to say that Mariam is a great fit at MAK and we feel lucky to have her on the team.

Outside of work, Mariam is always on the hunt for something new to learn and master. Over the past year, she's taken advantage of being at home more during the pandemic and taught herself to garden, focusing specifically on veggies and herbs. Mariam loves all things outdoorsy, and she also loves to read (and is a major Harry Potter fan).

We hope we've piqued your interest in getting to know the MAK team! Stay tuned for more MAKer Spotlights!
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