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MAKer Spotlight: Cyndi Krisan, Director of Business Development

We're excited to introduce our newest MAKer, Cyndi Krisan, who joined the team in March! Based in Orlando, Cyndi is MAK's Director of Business Development. In her time at MAK so far, she's focused on launching strategic business development campaigns for new markets and solutions, and is building a robust pipeline of opportunities. At its core, according to Cyndi, business development at MAK is all about building meaningful relationships so we can be the best partner to help our customers reach their simulation and project goals.

With 35 years of experience in the simulation and training industry, Cyndi brings a wealth of first-hand knowledge to the team. She spent eight years of active duty in the Air Force, where, in maintenance training, she got her first exposure to using simulators. After that, she spent time building systems engineering requirements for General Dynamics for F16 simulators. Over the years, she's built expertise in various engineering, project management, business development, and general management leadership roles across leading simulation and training organizations, as well as extensive experience leading simulation and training community efforts. She started supporting I/ITSEC in 1994, and by 2011 she was the I/ITSEC Program Chair and in 2013 Chaired the Conference. She is currently completing her final year as NTSA's Executive Committee Chair. (Another fun fact - Cyndi was NTSA's first female chair for the Executive Committee!)

Passionate about making a real impact in a company, Cyndi is excited to bring her expertise to bear at MAK and help the team continue growing meaningful connections with the simulation and training community. She's known the MAK team through I/ITSEC for years, and was excited that the time was right to join the team.

Away from her desk, Cyndi loves to golf! She was introduced to the sport through an I/ITSEC-related event years ago, and it has since evolved into her biggest and most cherished hobby. Her weekends are filled with charity events and scholarship tournaments! She also spends a lot of time walking, playing, and swimming with her two dogs, Ellie, a Golden Doodle, and Sydney, a rescue mix. Her dogs often accompany her to work every day, which these days has been right next to her in her home office!

We are fortunate to have Cyndi as a part of our MAK family, and we hope this spotlight piques your interest in our MAK team. Stay tuned for more MAKer spotlights!

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