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MAKer Spotlight: Alicia Combs, Director of Programs

MAKer Spotlight: Alicia Combs

Meet Alicia Combs, MAK's Director of Programs, based in our Orlando office. Alicia oversees all of our programs focusing on managing contracts, interfacing with customers, and assisting with business development including proposal writing. 

The path that led her to MAK has been untraditional, to say the least! While working for United Space Alliance on the Space Shuttle Program, a close mentor of Alicia's recommended she explore roles at smaller companies to absorb the ins and outs of the business. She took the advice to heart, which led her on a journey to program management. Over the years, she's spent time mastering program management in both large and small companies, and since joining MAK in 2019, she's become a pillar at MAK for her program management prowess. Alicia has a Bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering and a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from UCF.

So, why MAK? Alicia learned about MAK when we won the second phase of the US Army STE program in 2019. As someone who always wants to be on the cutting edge, she'd heard great things about MAK and wanted to be in on the action.

Away from her desk, Alicia fills her free time with adventure. She's always searching for her next scuba dive, loves to play golf, enjoys the thrill of skydiving, and pre-COVID, was an avid traveler. In 2019, Alicia managed to travel to 19 countries - a particular highlight was going to Croatia and diving for her own bottle of wine in the world's only underwater winery. Her personal motto is, "Have passport; will travel." With three kids and two dogs at home, it's safe to say the non-travel days of COVID have been just as full of adventure.

A little-known fact about Alicia, a Navy brat, is that she was the first baby born on the military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1976. She grew up all over the country, including Adak, AK - an island in the Bering Sea.

We're fortunate to have Alicia as a part of our MAK family, and we hope this spotlight piques your interest in our MAK team. Stay tuned for more MAKer spotlights!

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