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MAKer Spotlight: Aaron Dubois, VR-Forces Principal Software Engineer

Meet Aaron Dubois!

If you thought this month's tech tip about Entity Control Panels was illuminating, thank Aaron Dubois, Principal Software Engineer (and you can also give kudos to the entire VR-Forces team for their great work!).

Aaron is a 13-year MAK engineering veteran who is a leader on the VR-Forces team. In addition to his development work and helping to manage task planning, Aaron lends his MAK engineering experience to mentoring our junior engineers. Fun fact about Aaron's career at MAK - he started out as an engineer for the MAK RTI and then became a team lead on our Link team. Prior to MAK, Aaron worked on network encryptors at General Dynamics and was a radar systems software engineer at a company called Telephonics. Aaron is a graduate of Boston University, with a hard-earned degree in Computer Science.

When asked "Why MAK?", Aaron was quick to credit the fabulous group of folks he gets to work and hang out with. He values the culture and fun environment that every MAKer adds to. The feeling of camaraderie is real and, like most of us at MAK, Aaron is looking forward to being back in the office and getting back into the swing of daily lunch breaks with colleagues and friends.

Away from his desk, Aaron spends most time with his family. His two daughters, Jackie (6) and Anna (3), keep him and his wife on their toes - lots of books, legos, board games, and crafts in Aaron's home these days! His current hobby (sans kids) is Dungeons and Dragons. He's been playing for a couple of years now with several other MAKers and since quarantine started, he's become a Dungeon Master (i.e., the person who runs the whole game… the POWER!)

We love having Aaron as a part of our MAK family, and we hope this spotlight piques your interest in our MAK team. Stay tuned for more MAKer spotlights!

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