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MAK Technologies: Your trusted partner in training solutions

After 30 years in the modeling and simulation industry, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a trusted supplier of COTS simulation technology. For three decades, we’ve built an open, modular systems architecture that empowers our customers to choose which parts of the MAK ONE product line-up best fit their solution, in harmony with the other technology elements in their design. 

MAK is now taking that same trusted, problem-solving approach into the development and delivery of training solutions. 

We’ve always been a company that prioritizes openness, trustworthiness, and flexibility. We’ve added the required skill sets to deliver specific training solution capabilities to end-users and partner on bigger deals with our customers and system integrators. From system design, integration, and testing to our in-house subject matter experts, we are a valuable and trusted partner on training system development projects. And we’ve occupied a facility in Orlando to house our training solution team members and skills, keeping us in the heart of the action and making it even easier for us to team up with local companies to deliver success. 

By recognizing our customers’ needs as the priority over our own technology, we can build and partner to build training system solutions based on any technology, whether it’s MAK technology, Government Off the Shelf (GOTS) products, competitor technology, or homegrown customer technology. Whatever success looks like for training system end-users, MAK can integrate all the pieces into a training system that delivers success. 

We’re excited to bring the trust we’ve developed world-wide in the products industry to the delivery of training solutions. We're not just selling software - we're solving training system challenges with the right technology for the job.

I am happy to talk with you and discuss how MAK can help ensure your next training solution success - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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