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MAK Presents at INPE ​National Institute for Space Research

Ola y Tudo Bem!
Last week, the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil extended an invitation for MAK to give a presentation to their students. The INPE student body is composed of
industry professionals. Embraer, Avibras and the Brazilian Army were some of the attendees.
We had the opportunity to show a variety of applications from Hi-Flight to on the ground emergency response Command and Control applications - all derived from our suite of software tools. 
The picture below is me, (Steve Peart) describing the scenario as an actual industry test pilot is flying a custom model of F-35 in a dogfight with an opposing Bogey aircraft, over a geo-specific terrain of the island of Oahu.Using the Oculus Rift goggles and VR-Vantage 3D Real-Time scenegraph provides the pilot a fully immersed visual display, giving the pilot a complete 360-degree field of view flying within a 60 hz frame-rate environment.
Thank you to Professor Marcelo Souza for organizing the session and extending an invitation to MAK.
Steve Peart
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