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MAK goes to the west coast: Two new terrains in VR-Forces 4.6

We are happy to introduce California and Emerald City (Seattle), two new terrains that come free with VR-Forces 4.6 and are available via our VR-The World online server.

Both are great for demos or as a quick start to building high-resolution, specialized areas.

These are great examples of how to create .earth configuration files, pulling together data from different types of sources, including OpenStreetMap (OSM) data and cut-in hand-modeled areas. In VR-Forces, you can view the .earth files and use them either as they are, or as a template for developing your own terrains.

California, California Air

The California terrain is a large stretch of highly-varied geography encompassing the entire state of California, with elevation resolution down to half a meter and imagery resolution down to one foot in certain areas.

There are several places designed to take advantage of the variable topography of California to provide a diverse collection of training environments. These include the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, the Twentynine Palms airport, Range 220 military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) facility (a middle-eastern style urban training range, complete with destructible buildings, interiors, and tunnels), and Avalon Harbor.

The California terrain comes in two flavors: one optimized for air and one for ground and maritime use. The air version is optimized for smooth performance when traveling quickly at a high range, and provides superior air visual quality. The ground version is ideal for on-the-ground exercises, and its use of bathymetry also makes it perfect for accurate maritime simulations.

Emerald City

Emerald City (available by downloading the supplemental data pack) is a fantastic terrain for simulating dense urban ground scenarios. While the outskirts of the city are rendered directly from OSM data, a large section of Seattle’s downtown geospecific landmark buildings are hand-modeled by SE Core, whose modeling can be easily integrated using MAK's tools. These include the Space Needle and Key Arena.

For more information on our Terrains, check out our Terrain Whitepaper. For more Information on VR-the World Server, click here.

VR-Forces 4.6: User-Defined State Properties
Steve Peart from the Singapore Airshow!

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