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MÄK @ the Singapore Airshow 2014

Last week both VT MÄK and our in-country reseller TME Systems exhibited at the Singapore Airshow. TME presented the full suite of MÄK products, while MAK showcased our Maritime (TSD) Training Simulation Demonstrator at the ST Engineering booth.

The MÄK Training System Demonstrator focuses on a maritime environment simulated by VR-Forces. In the demonstrator environment you see air, land, sea, and submarine entities behaving according to plans; through our training interfaces, CGF, and web-applications, users manipulate the simulation to achieve training in their techniques, tactics, and procedures. The demonstrator consists of four MÄK COTS products, including VR-Forces, VR-TheWorld Server, VR-Vantage, and the MÄK WebLVC Suite.

Key Features of the Training System Demonstrator:

  • Easy-to-use scenario authoring and powerful AI to generate rich and compelling simulated environments
  • Informative visual presentations to maintain situational awareness, analyze training activities, and see from the vantage point of the trainees
  • Light-weight role-player and instructor stations for cost-effective part-task training used and driven by light-weight tablets


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