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MÄK's products take advantage of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080

We’re always looking to keep customers in position to take advantage of the latest technological releases, and that includes the latest graphics cards.


Nvidia released their latest consumer graphics card, the GeForce GTX 1080 in May. The 1080 represents a step up from the 980ti that we used in our demos at I/ITSEC last year, and brings a higher level of GPU performance to the consumer market ($699), with an eye toward virtual reality. Of course, MAK products fully support this newer card.


Most systems are restrained by CPU performance, not graphics cards. Jim Kogler has written some detailed blogs (part 1 and Part 2) that walk you through ways to test your system and detect if a new card would be beneficial.


For those in the market looking to pair their system with a graphics-heavy application or hardware (Oculus Rift, for example) or looking for state-of-the-art performance without GPU restrictions, it may be the correct choice.


We never want to limit our customers, so MÄK products work with the full set of modern NVidia GPUs. If you have high end production requirements you may want to choose the latest Nvidia Quadro cards, for desktop systems where you just want the best the new 1080 is perfect. If you have older desktops with older GeForce cards you will find MAK products still work fine.


Based on early testing we’ve done on GPU-heavy applications with 980 and 1080 cards side-by-side, MÄK’s software channels the newfound GPU power into significant performance and quality gains. From a performance perspective, we’ve seen GPU bound scenes experience a 100% FPS boost. If you are already hitting your performance goal, the new card means you can increase scene complexity by adding new textures, or increasing shadow quality and present a much better looking scene.

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