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Light Points

Pilots rely on visual inputs the most to orient themselves in flight. Because vision is so important, night flying can introduce new challenges – limited eyesight, night illusions and light blindness. To combat these issues, pilots train to use a consistent, regulated set of lights (to indicate approach, threshold, etc) to help guide them through darkness, identify where they are, and assess how fast they are moving.

In order to effectively train new pilots for night and severe weather conditions, a simulator must be able to represent these lights to match real-world standards.  

MAK is stepping up its game in this respect with VR-Vantage 2.3 by introducing an improved light point strategy that is fully customizable to consistently meet regulation guidelines. These new light points, which can be controlled (in terms of on/off/brightness) via CIGI or our API, are built to be quickly fine-tuned all the way up to project delivery to meet your program’s training needs. 

Here are a few examples of the configurability of our new light points:

Precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights are important, defining the glide path for aircraft as they land. The specific angle of the lights and when they change color is important, giving feedback to the pilot. Using the tools in VR-vantage, it is a straightforward procedure to configure these lights, including their direction:


To ensure users are calibrating the correct light to the correct specification, users have the ability to see the light spec displayed next to the light it is referring to on-screen: 


Excel can be used to update any of these fields. After making a change, one click of a button gets your changes in VR-Vantage in real time: 


All light points are now run through a shader to model them more efficiently. As a result, millions of lightpoints can be on the screen with virtually no performance penalty. These light points work with procedural airports worldwide, and are compatible with CDB, Openflight, etc. 

Performance Tuning in VR-Vantage
VT MAK at the Expodefensa 2017 event in Bogota

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