When MAK launched VR-Engage in 2016, it came with a great set of roles for first-person play, including a helicopter pilot, driver, weapons operator, etc.  Now, we're adding a new role - a Sensor Operator.

Using the new Sensor Operator capability, a VR-Engage user can perform common surveillance and reconnaissance tasks such as tracking fixed and moving targets - using a simulated E/O camera or IR sensor, with configurable informational overlays. Immediately control the gimbaled sensor using joysticks or gamepads; or configure VR-Engage to work with sensor-specific hand controller devices.  VR-Engage has built-in support for HLA/DIS radios, allowing sensor operators to communicate with pilots, ground personnel, or other trainees or role players using standard headsets.

VR-Engage's new Sensor Operator capability can fit into your larger simulation environment in a number of different ways to help meet a variety of training and experimentation requirements:

VR-Engage comes with MAK's built-in CameraFX module which allows you to control blur, noise, gain, color, and many other camera or sensor post-processing effects.  The optional SensorFX add-on can be used to increase the fidelity of an IR scene - SensorFX models the physics of light and its response to various materials and the environment, as well as the dynamic thermal response of engines, wheels, smokestacks, and more.