Introducing MAK Legion: a next-generation scalability and communication framework delivering millions of entities

I'm excited to introduce the latest innovative technology our team has been developing: MAK Legion  a next-generation scalability and communication framework that can manage and deliver millions of entities in both local and cloud deployment environments.

As you know, MAK has been a trusted and leading provider of simulation interoperability products since our inception 30 years ago. But about two years ago, we asked ourselves an important question, inspired by the needs of the US Army Synthetic Training Environment program: "If we had the chance to re-design DIS or HLA today to meet tomorrow's most aggressive scalability requirements, and to better leverage modern technology such as multi-core machines, high-bandwidth networks, massively-multiplayer gaming paradigms, and cloud services  what would it look like?" Legion represents the answer to that question.

Legion's modern data-oriented implementation, client-server approach to mirroring of state, whole-earth geographic interest management, thread-safe API, simplified ownership transfer, reuse of SISO Enumerations and DIS/RPR data types, and powerful code-generation tools all contribute to Legion's ability to make large numbers of entities easy to manage from any engine or application.

MAK has been demonstrating pattern-of-life scenarios up to 3.8 million entities by running large numbers of VR-Forces Sim Engines on the AWS cloud. We've also already made excellent progress integrating Legion with 3rd-party engines such as VBS4, Unreal, Unity, OneSAF, and Exonaut. 

I look forward to our launch of the MAK Legion product early in 2021! For more information about MAK Legion, read through the webpage, check out the brochure, or watch the MAK Legion Air Demo video.