I/ITSEC season is upon us! It's that time of year when, usually, most of us in the Modeling and Simulation industry would be getting ready to head down to Orlando to network, meet with old friends, and explore the latest innovations at the largest modeling, simulation, and training event in the world.

This year is obviously very different since everything has gone virtual, but we're excited about vIITSEC and can't wait to connect with you - face-to-face - this I/ITSEC season! Whatever your goals for the week, the MAK team has you covered and we plan to be right by your side. Here's an easy flowchart to help you plan your week of vIITSEC...

  1. Interested in visiting virtual exhibits? Check out our own (FREE!) interactive MAK Showroom! This showroom is available for you to explore to learn about MAK’s offerings and to invite you to connect with us anytime. You can also visit our virtual booth via the vIITSEC platform and connect with our team through the chat functionality there. (Note: you must register to attend the vIITSEC exhibits and conference!)

  2. Want to explore all of the great community-building special events, tutorials, and technical paper readings that the NTSA has to offer? The vIITSEC platform is full of great content and ways to connect. Many of our team will be exploring the conference and would love to sync up with you there. 

  3. Looking for familiar faces? Miss meeting new people and learning new things by wandering through in-person booths? We get it. The virtual element makes it harder to bump into old friends and make new ones in an organic way. vIITSEC is doing a lot to foster authentic engagement across its platform, and we plan to participate in all of those ways! We are also hosting several (FREE!) MAK Live! Experiences — choose-your-own-adventure experiences — to bring new and familiar faces together! In these experiences, you can chat with our technical experts and get 1:1 product demos; you’ll have the opportunity to engage in personal discussions with our business development and leadership teams through impromptu or pre-scheduled meetings; you can connect with industry peers, colleagues, and members of the MAK team in our technical roundtables; and you can hear from and interact with customers and partners within our Centers of Excellence, including ST Engineering Training and Simulation experts. And just as social gatherings are important in the physical world, we are creating space for social activities, like yoga and coffee breaks, to give you a chance to unwind. 

We can’t wait to see you at I/ITSEC (and beyond)! In the meantime, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn where our team has been posting concepts, thoughts, and requests for input on virtual events and how, as an industry, we can do them better.