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Getting Creative with Lua in VR-Forces

Once the VR-Forces 4.1 release was completed and uploaded to the FTP site, we decided to have the VR-Forces team relax a little and express their creativity to see what could be accomplished with the new Scripted Task feature of VR-Forces.

If you haven’t already heard about it, Scripted Tasking is a brand new feature in VR-Forces 4.1 that brings scripting to the forefront and allows any VR-Forces user with even just a little programming or hacking skills build their own tasks and behaviors.  We’ve incorporated the well known Lua scripting language into the base VR-Forces, and allowed access to much of the VR-Forces API.  New tasks that you write can now be saved directly into a scenario, and easily exchanged among users.

Using this feature, it is possible to create all sorts of new tasks and behaviors in VR-Forces by combining any of the existing tasks, passing messages between entities, and inspecting the state of various elements in the simulation.  To see just how flexible the scripting interface is, we had one simple rule:  Make any behaviors you want!

Ola’ Tudo Bem!
Changes to Movement Tasks in VR-Forces 4.1

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